The mamma mia becomes corrupt.
And, my elder brother was to blame for it.

I peeped out and saw their horrifying act.

"Like this? Mom. your hole gets wet very much."
"I wont you to do it more. Is it not noticed in Ellis?"
"Don't worry,Mom. She went out."
Moms embrace each other in nude and elder brother inserted his huge cock in her cunt.
His dick stood up like a banana.
Mother stuffed her mouth with it.
I put my hands over my face.

My father was dispatched in Vietnam in the soldiers of the U.S. Army.
In this large house, I live on three people with the older brother of mother and me.

I am 14 years old.
I know the sexual intercourse too.
An older brother is still a high school student.
However, I cannot permit to have sex with his mother.
They connected with his cock and her pussy.
"John! I'm coming! "
"Mummy, you're great! My dick break off! "
"Oh! my boy! you're mother fucker!"
"Oh yah. Today is mother's day. I present exceptional thick milk for mom."
"Thank you. Oh my boy. You have perfect cock for me."
He pulled it out of the mother's hole and held out his penis on lips of mother.
"Oh lovely mom. Eat my cum. Right now! Ouu..."

His cock has erupted the cum on his mother's face.
Creamy sperm streamed down cheeks of our mother.

Looking at them, I used my fingers for a clit. And I felt the cum, too.

I left the place quietly.