The Glock 17 was on my hand.
The gun was my good coworker.
"Hey Naobon, Can you hear?"
From my inter-come, I heard a voice of John Hogan.
He is our Boss.
"Yes, sir."
"An enemy hides in the passage before you. Watch it."
This passage became the T character and was deadend.
I held a gun and advanced slowly.
I heard a little metal sound.

one, two, three...

I counted and dashed out the corner.
And I pulled the trigger absorbedly.

Dom, dom, dom!

Bang, bang!


The wall became dirty with blood.
The enemy man fell down.

I kicked the man with my foot and checked whether he was dead.
His head was broken, and brain jumped out.

I wanted to get away from this scene of bloodshed early.

Da, Da, Da...!
The bullets of the machine gun jumped from my rear.
I crouched down at once and fell down.
The right side sleeve of uniform was torn.

I heard a voice calling me from the shade of the broken door.
"Who are you?"
"I'm Mark. Are you OK?"
"All right, you too?"
"OK, OK...Get over here and be quick about it!"
Mark of the team mate beckoned me.

There were two dead body in the room.
Both corpses were enemies.

Mark pushed his ear on the wall.
"What do you hear?"
"Kabe ni mimi ari syouji ni meari"
"Mary? Who is she?"
"No,no. Me-A-Ri. It isn't the name of the woman"
"What's do you mean?"
"It's a Japanese proverb. We don't know who hears, we don't know who looks. Such a meaning"
"Oh my..."
The other side of this wall seems to be the hiding place of the enemy so that he says.

"Go together! I support you."
Mark said.
"I got it! Here we go."
I lowered posture and kicked down a door and I held a Glock.
I fired away until bullets ran out.
gan gan gan gan...
dom dom dom...
bang gang...
Many cartridges jump up and down in the area.
Men fell down one after another.
In smoke, there was not the thing which moved at all.
"I've done it!"

"Good job! Naobon and Mark!"
The voice of our Boss sounded from my inter-come.