In summer, we swam in school pool.
When always Kattchan changed into the swimwear, he naked and run in our classroom.
He swung a willie.
He was like the Crayon Shin-chan.
And then the girls cried and escaped.
He chased the girls nakedly in excitement.
His willie became bigger little by little.
At last, his willie became the Dick! And the Dick beat the right and left inside of a thigh.

The girls said severally "Terrible!".
And the boys went into fits of laughter.

To hear an uproar,  Miss Nakamura entered our classroom.
"Hey hey! Be quiet! Shut up! Wear a bathing suit immediately, Kattchan! You are bad boy"
As for him, buttocks were clapped by our teacher.

In this way, in time our swimming, it was always made a fuss.

Therefore I felt our classmate to be like the member of the big familly.
So, our class was family-like and was frank.

However, Kattchan changed when became a sixth grader.
He didn't undress in front of all.

As what?

Under hair seemed to grow to his willie...

A boy is really a hopeless fool.